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The Modular O.R ceiling consists of hidden sub-structure with pressed metal tiles that attach to provide a completed and clean smooth look ceiling.

A neoprene gasket resides between the tiles and the sub-structure, providing a hermetic seal between the O.R and the ceiling space above.

LED room lights, laminar flow arrays, surgical lights and pendants are carefully designed to integrate with the modular ceiling.

Modular ceiling panels can be removed for easy access to inspect and maintain services within the ceiling cavity, negating the need for unsightly ceiling access hatches.

Modular ceilings are certified by a New Zealand engineer and rated to withstand seismic activity. A PS1 design report is supplied with each modular ceiling.

HVAC - Laminar Flow Ceilings

Modular O.R comes complete with a laminar flow array or air diffusers suited to the air requirements for the room, ensuring the correct pressure and air changes per hour are maintained.

The air diffusers have built in HEPA filters to remove airborne contaminants.
Return air grills and ducting are strategically installed to create the laminar flow effect and return air back to the HVAC treatment system.


  • Integrated room lighting
  • Hermetically sealed pressed metal ceiling
  • Controlled temperature and humidity environments
  • Filtration to remove airborne pollutants
  • Dilution of pollutants
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