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The Opritech MODULAR O.R is truly modular, totally independent from the existing structural walls and supports.

We can transform your open space environment into rooms and functional spaces. From retro-fitting an existing room to transforming an empty space into a functional department, the Modular solution is suited to every situation.


A key requirement of our Modular System is to MINIMISE DISRUPTION to functional departments. Opritech will construct and commission your new Operating Room in as little as TEN days on-site.

Minimal noise, minimal dust, minimal disruption. With O.R time valued at $3,000 – $6,000 per hour, every hour counts, be operational earlier with less downtime and more uptime!


The MODULAR O.R is a total solution covering sub-structure, surfaces, ceiling, doors, mechanical services and more – meaning, there are no gaps between trades.

Every aspect is designed to fit seamlessly together, greatly increasing efficiency and making short construction times possible.

Lifelong efficiencies are also realised with easy access for maintenance and upgrade requirements.

Easy hygienic surfaces make clean downs quick and effective, reducing re-infection rates.


Reduced infection rate.

The Aseptic glass walls are maintenance free and easy to clean with a range of general cleaning agents.

In addition to the antibacterial properties of glass, we can supply with embedded Silver Ions which destroys dangerous bacteria.

Testing has shown a reduction in bacteria count over 24 hours to Log 4 – that’s a reduction of 99.99% or 10,000 X reduction.


All utilities and services are located within the sub-structure cavity.

The removable wall panels simply expose the sub-structure, providing access for inspections and installation of new services and equipment.

‘Module Control’, Opritech’s systems integration controller, brings system status visibility and provides Opritech technicians the ability to check service status remotely.


The MODULAR O.R is manufactured to have a very very low maintenance factor giving you the ‘lowest cost of ownership’.

All construction of materials used in the Modular O.R are permanent and have an indefinite lifespan, providing many years of use.

Whole O.Rs can be moved to a new location recovering 90% of the materials.

What people say...

"Churchill’s Modular O.R is such a pleasant working environment"

Hospital Manager, Churchill Private Hospital

Churchill’s Modular O.R is such a pleasant working environment. It has clean lines, recessed monitors, desks and workbenches built into the walls, no clutter … and the glass. It’s the highlight of the space to have a colourful room and a bright…

"their knowledge of all these services is phenomenal"

Designer, Hawkins Architecture

In a normal build, you’d have a lot of tradespeople working amongst a lot of chaos. They’d be alongside the specialist services like medical gases, air, electrical, and others. Lots of people cramped into one space to build it. But Modular O.R doesn’t work that way…

"a contemporary, crisp, professional space that is a pleasure to work in.”

Orthopaedic Surgeon

I work in both theatres at Wairau and the Modular O.R theatre feels airy, clean, and less cluttered. There’s no doubt the glass walls and the centre [mount] pendant has made floor trolleys obsolete, gives the space an openness that makes it feel vastly bigger…

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