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Our team designs, installs and commissions totally integrated Modular O.R systems. We understand medical design, clinical work-flows, healthcare standards and surgical procedures.

Using this expertise, we design and build world class surgical departments and supply and install equipment that are better long-term investments and result in ongoing cost savings over the life of the O.R.

From design work-flows, standards, medical equipment, mechanical services, utilities, and clinical requirements, we will lead the project through every stage. We understand that clinical staff should focus on clinical needs. Our team can project manage the solution from start to finish, whether it’s a retrofit or a new build.

When our team leads the project build, our experience is that Modular O.R greatly reduces costs because we eliminate many costly handovers between sub-trades.


Understanding how you work within the department will give our planning and design team insight into preparing your new department layout. We will study the relationships and general work-flows and design your department for efficiencies specific to your needs.

The design is a collaboration of Clinical, OSH, Infection Control, Building and Properties Management and Procurement Inputs. We bring all these inputs to a harmonious output, satisfying everyone’s needs.


Combining knowledge gained through the consultation phase with our understanding of healthcare standards, surgical procedures, and theatre design, we will provide you a functional, beautiful, world-class design.

Bringing you ergonomics efficiency and compliance into your department.
We draw on vast experience in healthcare design, in-depth understanding of medical devices and many years of project management and systems integration, ensuring a design that really works – not just on a plan.


We customise every installation.

Each theatre presents its own unique challenges and we manage the installation from start to finish. We use electronic systems to track all aspects of the project – installation, testing and commissioning.

Test reports and ongoing service records are maintained within our electronic system.

Opritech utilises Template Project specifications and Task Analysis to complete projects safety and efficiency.

Opritech technicians are trained in all aspects of the modular systems, services, devices and clinical procedures.


An introduction to the Modular O.R begins with a thorough walk-through and detailed training. Our team has experience with medical design, work-flows, healthcare standards, use of surgical equipment, and knowledge of surgical procedures, so we cover all aspects and can answer questions that arise.

While the Opritech Modular O.R is a complex integrated system, handover and training is simplified with our user-friendly intuitive touch screen interface, giving users a visual display of system status.

Opritech technicians will be there during initial training and on into the future to ensure you are conversant and are getting the most from your Modular O.R.


Removable glass wall panels not only make inspections and maintenance fast and easy but also thorough.

With easy removal of wall panels, a proper visual and physical inspection can be made without the hindrance of looking down wall cavities, ceiling spaces and service ducts.

Opritech has established service schedules that will ensure you achieve the lowest cost of ownership and maximise your O.R uptime.

Further still, Opritech have remote access to the system controls, allowing our technicians to receive early warnings of support you may require.

What people say...

"Churchill’s Modular O.R is such a pleasant working environment"

Hospital Manager, Churchill Private Hospital

Churchill’s Modular O.R is such a pleasant working environment. It has clean lines, recessed monitors, desks and workbenches built into the walls, no clutter … and the glass. It’s the highlight of the space to have a colourful room and a bright…

"their knowledge of all these services is phenomenal"

Designer, Hawkins Architecture

In a normal build, you’d have a lot of tradespeople working amongst a lot of chaos. They’d be alongside the specialist services like medical gases, air, electrical, and others. Lots of people cramped into one space to build it. But Modular O.R doesn’t work that way…

"a contemporary, crisp, professional space that is a pleasure to work in.”

Orthopaedic Surgeon

I work in both theatres at Wairau and the Modular O.R theatre feels airy, clean, and less cluttered. There’s no doubt the glass walls and the centre [mount] pendant has made floor trolleys obsolete, gives the space an openness that makes it feel vastly bigger…

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