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The Modular Sub-Structure is a self-supporting wall system, up to a 5.5 metre stud height.

The wall stud fits into a floor track and has a seismic connection to the top connection point allowing free and flexible movement in the event of seismic activity.

An adjustable foot enables close height adjustment, countering imperfections in floor levels.

Glass wall panels are attached to the sub-structure via a series of hidden brackets that allow easy removal of panels for inspections and maintenance.

A neoprene gasket between the sub-structure and wall panels provides a more or less water tight seal.

Accessible systems

Performing routine or urgent maintenance is simple and won’t affect theatre operations. Removable modular panels provide fast and easy access to services within the sub-structure for maintenance and inspections without disturbing the O.R and sterile areas.

“In a normal build, you’d have a lot of tradespeople working amongst a lot of chaos. They’d be alongside the specialist services like medical gases, air, electrical, and others. Lots of people cramped into one space to build it. But Modular O.R doesn’t work that way. All of the services are in the wall cavities so each tradesperson does their own thing in a separate area. Then Opritech comes in and their knowledge of all these services is phenomenal. They pull everything together and install the fittings, the fixtures, and finalise the fit-off inside the theatre. It was unreal, their contribution. It made the project simpler.”

Designer, Hawkins Architecture


  • Galvanised steel studs with an adjustable foot to cater to floor variations
  • Self-supporting steel studs up to 5.5m
  • Seismic connection assembly to top track, to meet New Zealand engineering standards for seismic activity.
  • Hermetic seals between the substructure and surface panel using neoprene closed cell gaskets
  • Every design is certified by a New Zealand engineer and issue with a PS1 design verification document.
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