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Functional and beautiful glass walls and surfaces reduce infection risk, are aseptic and easy to clean, and allow you to personalise your workspace.


Glass wall surfaces are clean, hard wearing, non-combustible, and have an anti-microbial finish. Silver impregnated glass destroys 99.99% of dangerous bacteria. Glass is also an environmentally friendly solution because it is 100% recyclable and long-lasting. You won’t need to restore or repaint glass and it is always bump and scratch-free. The glass is simple to clean with all general cleaning agents.

AB Glass (antibacterial) has silver ions embedded within the glass, providing additional anti-bacteria properties. Testing has shown a reduction in the number of bacteria observed after 24 hours of Modular O.R glass surfaces:

  • S. Aureus: 99.99% fewer bacteria
  • E. Coli: 99.99% fewer bacteria
  • P. Aeruginosa: 99.99% fewer bacteria

Stainless steel panels

Surface cladding can be finished in stainless steel or powder coated steel to give the look you desire.

Stainless steel is common in CSSD and laboratory environments, and it can be used in the operating theatre as well. Panels are made from a laser cut metal sheet (stainless steel or galvanized steel), folded at the sides, and plated with a balancing gib board backing. These are then laminated under hydraulic press using solvent free glues. When using bare stainless steel common in CSSD, AISI304 or AISI316 stainless steel is used with differing degrees of satin finish.

If you would like anti-bacterial coatings, we add silver ions to the coating that will introduce further antibacterial properties.

Solid mineral surface (SMS)

Surface cladding is also available in SMS, also known as Corian. SMS is suitable for healthcare environments because it has a smooth and impervious surface that makes it hygienic and it is an odourless and tasteless material. Its surfaces naturally inhibit the growth of dangerous bacteria and pathogens. It is unaffected by most chemical agents and can be joined with invisible seams. SMS can repeatedly be repaired and restored.

SMS is another good choice for the operating theatre wall linings.

Sealing gaskets

Modular O.R wall surfaces are hermetically sealed with neoprene gaskets, connecting the substructure to the wall surface panel. The wall panels are then sealed to each other with a non-toxic silicone gasket. This seal can be removed for easy dis-assembling of panels. Compound colours are available to match your personalised look.

Alternatives include sealing the panels using a layer of transparent silicone or welding walls or surfaces.

Regardless of the finishing method, the walls have a smooth seamless finish that is hygienic and easy to clean.


The Modular Connect Panel is an innovative way of future-proofing the Modular O.R in allowing easy access and upgrade of services such as, power, data, nurse call and medical gases.

The removable connect panel covers provide instant access to the service behind for testing, maintenance and upgrades.

Earth connection points can neatly be hidden behind connect panels etc.


The Modular O.R glass wall surface is reverse printed with ceramic ink prior to being tempered. Choose any colour and personalise your work space with high-resolution images.

All colouring is behind the panel and completely impervious to cleaning and scratching. Choose your own image or select one from our vast library. An image will lighten your workspace and delight patients and staff.

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