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Opritech have sold and supported operating tables and accessories for over 25 years. Opritech also install and support Skytron lights and pendants, along with Nurse Stations, Document Centres and built-in ergonomic stainless steel write-up desks.

What makes Opritech so successful in the set-up of operating rooms is that we not only understand clinical procedures, the related rules and standards, design layouts and work-flows, but we have an intimate knowledge of the equipment and medical devices used in the O.R.

We believe we have the most combined knowledge across the board.
Because we know how the equipment functions, how it fits, what services it requires and how it’s maintained, we are best placed to design, install and maintain the equipment within the O.R.

We ensure all structural and mechanical aspects are met, we ensure all the correct services are installed to it, and we know how to install and maintain each medical device correctly.

A lack of understanding of medical equipment is a major cause of project delays, re-work and budget over-runs that you won’t experience with Opritech.

Surgical Lights & PENDANTS


Opritech have exclusive distribution of the much coveted and unique centre mount pendant system.

The patented pendant system has up to four arms on a single hub, vastly reducing installation costs by negating additional and unnecessary structural mounts and service connection points.

This pendant system’s unique mounting method allows 360° total coverage of the surgical field including lights, pendants and monitors.

We design each O.R to best suit the room function by carefully positioning lights and pendants using our vast experience in O.R design.

Operating Tables

With over 20 years experience in operating tables, we know we offer the best available with powerful bariatric capabilities and top slides to give the maximum imaging window, coupled with the lowest height table on the market.

Our experience has also taught us how to provide the best table maintenance programmes to ensure you benefit from a ‘lowest cost of ownership’ table on the market.

Full supported in to the future with our maintenance programmes.


Opritech manufactures write-up stations and document centres to suit the user.

Document centres are an in-wall desk arrangement and have built-in drawers and cupboards to house such items and integration racks. Simple stainless steel benches (as shown) are demountable and can be removed if the room layout changes.

All stainless manufacture is hygienic seam-welded 304 or 316 grade stainless.

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