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Medical Gas Pipeline systems – design and supply of service valves, outlets and gas alarm panels.

Opritech engineering and technical staff are certified to design and test to the Medical Gas Standard, HTM 02-01.

Opritech imports and distributes many medical gas components such as, copper pipe and fittings, valves, alarm panels, manifolds and medical air plants.

Opritech manufactures their own AGSS (Anaesthetic Gas Scavenge System) plant and vacuum plant, to meet the requirements of small through to large installations.

The medical gas systems form a critical part of the Modular O.R and surrounding recovering areas.


Medical suction plant manufactured by Opritech. Connecting your suction lines throughout the department.


Medical Air Compressor and Plant to deliver your medical air and surgical air requirements.


Oxygen generation or manifold equipment, bringing essential gases such as, oxygen, nitrous and others into the O.R and surrounding areas.


AGSS (Anaesthetic Gas Scavenge System), manufactured by Opritech, keeping your O.R free of dangerous anaesthetic waste gas.

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