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In-wall medical grade PC and monitors with easy to clean full glass screens. With convenient fold down keyboard and mouse.

Computers, Monitors, and Viewers

Whether as a monitor or with an integrated PC system that uses the latest Intel technology, you will get the right system for any application in screens sizes 19 – 75”. It’s full glass-front offers the highest hygienic standards while providing ease of use for operators. The in-wall PC’s have touch capabilities, greatly enhancing use-ability.


Gone is the need for whiteboards – with the glass surfaces of the Modular O.R you can write anywhere with a white board marker. If you prefer a designated writing area, we reverse-print a white colour panel onto an area of your glass wall to form a functional whiteboard.

Clocks and Timer SYSTEMS

A digital clock and timer can be installed into the glass wall. The dual-row display with large, red LED characters is easy to read in high ambient light. Timer control is achieved via wall-mounted push buttons or an optional remote control. There’s no need to adjust the clocks for Daylight Saving, the time is updated through a microprocessor and SMTP server.


  • Optional display sizes and technologies
  • Input and output add-ons
  • Zero footprint deployment
  • Touch-screen technology
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