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Digital Video Integration System brings together a complex array of technology within the O.R.


Managing the complex array of technology within the O.R is a crucial aspect of the operating environment.

Opritech designs and installs Digital Integration platforms with functions such as, routing, capture, streaming and conferencing. Other benefits added are in-room music and connection to PACs systems.

We utilise fibre optic cabling for its high capacity capabilities, small size and ease of installation.

Fibre optic cabling ensures future-proofing with the use of face plate technology, meaning when your connectible devices change we can simply swap the face plates without having to touch cabling or programming up new devices.

The digital integration platform is controlled by an intuitive touch screen, giving you quick options to route, capture, stream signals etc.

Opritech installs cabling within the modular sub-structure and within the pendant arms. Rack mounted hardware is also network connected, enabling us to make quick programming changes, and updates, plus giving support requested by customer without the need to be on-site.


  • Fibre optic cabling
  • 4k and 3D compatible
  • Face plate technology
  • Video routing and capture
  • Video stream and conference
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